Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silly Sayings from the Kidlets

My kids crack me up. They seriously say the funniest things. Cases in point:

Xavier got a new bike for his birthday - we actually bought it a few weeks ago, instead of waiting until his actual birthday. His other one was just way too small. Anyway....he also got the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon" from my mom at his party this past Sunday. I have yet to see this movie - but he has seen it a couple times now. He watched it Monday morning and promptly decided that afternoon that his new bike was now a dragon named "Toothless". We went over to my mom's that evening so the kids could jump on her trampoline. As we were driving away from our house, Xavier says from the back seat in a very anxious voice,

"Dad...I don't want the flies and mosquitos to bite my blue dragon, Toothless (of course, referring to his bike, which was left sitting outside near the front step). I want the birds to eat the mosquitos instead."

Jared and I just chuckled and reassured him that his bike, would, in fact, be just fine.

The other funniest, and quite possibly the MOST adorable thing the kids have said came from Shaela while eating supper Monday night. We were talking about going over to Grandma's to jump on the trampoline and Shaela was trying to say the word. She doesn't quite get it right - so I was trying to slow it down into syllables for her so she could sound it out. After trying a few times and still not getting it, she gave me a big smile and declared,

"That's a really tricky one to say!"

Melted my heart and gave all of us a good laugh. She is just so gosh darn cute!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Updates from the Last Month

I know it's been awful quiet around here again lately. What can I say? Life with three kids is busy. :) In a good way, but busy, nonetheless.

Most of my days are spent cleaning up after the kids - as of late, it's been paper and crayons. Xavier has become a drawing machine! He loves to colour and draw pictures, and especially loves when Mom or Dad draw pictures for him which he then colours in. It's been a stretch of my artistic abilities, that's for sure! When Xavier is not busy colouring, he's still into climbing and running and jumping on anything and everything.

Shaela, despite loving to wrestle with her brother, can only handle so much and then she'll retreat to her room where she loves to have tea parties and read stories to her multitude of babies. She doesn't like Cohen going in her room anymore, but she is very good about getting him his own toys to play with.

Cohen - what can I say. I think he may be our busiest baby yet. He LOVES to climb and figured out to to get onto the kitchen chairs and then on to the table a few weeks ago. It now forces me to put the chairs against the wall or stacked on top of the other so that he can't climb up there. He is a very cuddly little boy still and loves to have his snuggles before nap and bedtime. He just got teeth # 5 and 6 the past two weeks. I'm thankful they are both through and hoping the next ones decide to wait a few months! He gets very grumpy when teething! He also has a bit of a temper emerging and will let you know when he's not happy with you. The kid can almost pierce an eardrum with his scream and is almost to the point of perfecting the 'throwing himself on the floor while wailing' tactic. It doesn't work in getting him what he wants, but he likes to think it will make me change my mind.

 Over a year into it and we are still not regretting our decision to cloth diaper. We did finally get a diaper sprayer and that has been awesome! Why we didn't get one sooner, I'm not quite sure, but I'm very glad we have one now!

As for me, I have been enjoying sewing more and more things. I finished Shaela's dress that I had started and and almost done my sewing machine cover. The fabric store is having a sale the next couple weeks on a bunch of different things, so I think I'll be stocking up on fabric while I can get it for cheap. Plans for the future include pj's for the kids and a pouch sling for myself, among other things.

And of course, what would an update post be without a few recent pictures?!?!? Enjoy!!!