Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Hobby

As if I need any more things to take up my time so I forget to update my blog, I have found a new hobby, one that is going to prove very addicting! What is it, you ask?


Technically, I have had a sewing machine for over a year now, but the bobbin winder is broken (still is) and my step-dad was going to fix it for me. That hasn't happened yet (hopefully soon, cuz it's a PAIN doing it by hand!), and I didn't have room in our old house for it. So it sat at my parent's house collecting dust until a few weeks ago when I finally picked it up from their place and brought it to our new home, where I have a lot more space for actually creating things!

Now, small tid-bit of information. I'm a little bit scared of sewing machines. I'm sure with practice, this will get better - but I am terrified of going too fast and catching my fingers in the needle. Thankfully, the machine I have - it's a Singer from sometime in the early 50's - can go as slowly as I would like it to. Which is awesome! This weekend I started my first two projects. Fairly simple ones and although they are far from perfect, turned out a lot better than I anticipated. I made two valances - one for Shaela's room and one for ours. I also made a headboard for our room on Sunday, which didn't require the sewing machine, but was still a fun, crafty project. And it looks awesome in our new room!

 (it looks almost black in the pic, but it's actually a very dark purple)

Up next on the project list: a dust cover for the sewing machine - the plastic one it came with is falling apart, and a dress for Shaela, made out of the first material I bought for the valance in our room. Got it home and it just didn't quite go with the room. But it will make a very cute summer dress for our darling daughter.

Now to resist the urge to frequent the fabric store every week. They have so many cute prints in there! I walk through there with visions of dresses and pillowcases and blankets and all sorts of other projects dancing in my eyes......