Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is it Bedtime Yet?!?!?!

So it has been a while once again since I have updated. That's because the flu bug found our household and it's been passed from Shaela, to Xavier, to Jared, and finally this weekend, it was my turn. Thankfully, mine lasted about 24 hours and was gone. But it made for a long couple of weeks with the whole family getting it!

What have we been up to in between??? Well, last Thursday we travelled to my home town of Brandon and spent the night at a hotel there, compliments of Jared's work. We got there around supper time and after eating some delicious Subway and watching the latest premiere of "Survivor" we spent a few hours in the pool. The kids loved it! The next morning Jared headed off to his work meeting (the reason we were there in the first place), and the kids and I went for another short swim. We hung out in the hotel until we had to check out at noon and after some McD's for lunch, we all had a wonderful afternoon nap in the van and then picked Jared up. We had supper with good friends of mine whom we hadn't seen in forever, and then ventured to my mom's to pick her up and bring her back to our house. It started snowing a few hours before we left, though, so the usual two hour drive home turned into four. You know the roads are bad when the semis are only going 60!!! Thankfully, we made it home safely and the next day dropped Mom off at the airport for her week long trip to Mexico.

This week so far has been filled with the usual hanging out at home and going to activities. This morning was gymnastics and Xavier did SOOOO well this week! He is truly loving this and it's so much fun to watch him learn new things! This afternoon, however, he decided to wake Shaela up early from her nap while I was busy doing some work on the computer. So, they are both VERY cranky children this evening, Shaela especially. I have had a very sore back the last few days and am therefore very tired today and more than ready for them to go to bed so I can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet before I turn in for the night! AKA, Jared and I will be able to watch some of the Olympics without the kids jumping all over us or fighting with each other!

They were super cute earlier this afternoon when Jared got home from work, though. Xavier's imagination has been running wild lately, and today he decided that he was a hawk and they ran in circles 'flying' and squawking for a good ten minutes. About half way through their escapades, I pulled out the digital camera and took a short video of it. As crazy as they make me when they are both cranky, watching them play like that makes it all worth it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Latest OB Appointment

Had another appointment with my OB today to check on baby's progress and everything is looking good. Blood pressure and heart rate were good, and I passed my glucose screening test, so that was good news. I'm up another couple pounds and have now gained 17 altogether. I go back again in two weeks - hard to believe I'm at that point already, but it makes me excited! I've had some serious baby fever lately and can't wait to snuggle my newest little man in my arms. 8 and a half weeks to go!

In other news, Xavier has been sick the last two days. I feel badly for him, but at the same time, I enjoy the fact that he doesn't pester his sister nearly so much when he's feeling yucky! I hope it passes quickly and am supremely thankful that so far I have managed to avoid it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Adorableness from my two Little Munchkins

As crazy as they sometimes make me, I love my beautiful little munchkins! They say and do the cutest things possible, that do nothing more than melt this mother's heart. Cases in point:

1. Shaela was 'talking' on her toy cell phone the other day - to none other than her latest 'crush' - Diego! She rambled on for a few minutes, and then said, "Bye, bye, Diego" and hung up. Cutest thing ever!

2. Xavier loves to have his back rubbed and has been asking lately at bedtime for me to do this while we read stories. Then the other night, he flips over and says, "Do my tummy too, Mom". How could I refuse???

3. While over at my mother-in-law's house for supper the other night, Xavier got out a toy snake, wrapped it around my legs and dragged me off to the high tower where I had to stay. I was guarded by a dragon, which Daddy had to slay to rescue me. Then Xavier and I went dragon hunting together. I love that his imagination is starting to run wild!

4. Shaela asking me for a wipe so she could clean her baby's bum after it had 'pooped'. She's such a little Mom already!

And this last one takes the cake! While doing devotions with the kids before bed the other night, the bible story that day was about being thankful and all the ways God blesses us. At the end of the story, there are always a few simple questions, and that day's question was, "What can we thank God for?" Xavier's answer??? Mom and Dad. Melted my heart and made me realize just how much of what we read with them each night sinks in. They don't always sit quietly and pay as much attention to our stories as I would like - but when you hear an answer like that, it just makes you realize the impact that you can have on them, even at such a young age! I love my life as a Mom, and wouldn't change it for the world!
Xavier and Shaela - you make me smile! :)