Monday, January 2, 2012

More Sewing Projects

It's that time again when we are ready to transition our 'baby' into a big boy bed. He's more than ready and I've been very excited about this for over a month already. However, we knew we had to wait until Christmas to have money for a new mattress for Cohen's bed. We ordered it last week and it was finally in today, so it's all set up and ready for him to sleep in tonight. The most excited part of putting a child into a new bed (for me, at least) is picking out new bedding for said bed. As the comforter we bought for Shaela is not holding up well at all, I didn't relish the idea of spending another $60+ on something that wasn't going to last more than a year or two. I decided that for Cohen I would attempt making him a quilt. I had some material left over from making the valance and crib skirt and I envisioned it would look fantastic on a quilt. Having never made one before I just sort of winged-it, and although it is far from perfect, it turned out a lot better than I imagined it might. It looks so great on his bed and I'm so excited for him to sleep with it tonight!

 All spread out on his bed. It's hard to really get the full effect in this shot, since the safety rail blocks it from falling over the edge of the bed, so you can get a better view of it in the next two shots. The four corners are the same material as the valance on the window. 

 Side one. This one is made of cotton and will be on the top for now. In the summers he can flip it over to have the 'cool side' down.

 Side two. This side is flannel and the colours are opposite of Side one. Made it this way so that this side can be down in the winter to help keep him warmer. We also invested in some fleece sheets, so hopefully he'll be nice and toasty tonight. :)

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